What sewing machine to use for your project

Depending on the model, sewing machines can be very versatile but it is nearly impossible to find an all-in-one type of sewing machine. While a simple sewing machine is enough for a beginner, it will eventually stop being so. As you get more experienced, you will find yourself wanting to do different, sometimes more complicated projects than what all beginners do. And then you will often find out that your regular sewing machine is not up to the challenge.

Not everyone is aware of it but sewing machines actually come in many different types. Finding the right one for what you need to do can be tricky. In this guide, we have explained what type of machine you need for some of the most common projects.


Embroidery is a form of needlework and it refers specifically to applying decorative designs onto fabric. These designs are often very intricate. Embroidery is a popular form of putting a final touch to the projects, similar to how you would monogram a fabric. Embroidery is a great way of making even the simplest projects unique.

For embroidery, you will actually need to purchase an embroidery machine which is something separate from a sewing machine. They are machines solely for doing embroidery. They often cost slightly more than simple sewing machines because they need to be able to do very delicate work. Some of the higher-end sewing machines come with an embroidery attachment but they are rarely as good as the best embroidery machine available.

Leather accessories

Working with leather will allow you to create timeless designs with your own unique touch. You can use leather to create a belt, a purse, a jacket, or even car seats. You can enjoy items similar to top designer pieces for fraction of the cost. What makes leather items sold in stores is not the price of the fabric itself but rather the cost of labor.

However, leather is notoriously difficult to work with due to its density. Cheapest sewing machines may not cut it. The most important factor is the sturdiness of the machine itself – if it is made of metal rather than plastic, chances are it will be able to handle leather. Check out this list of sewing machines for leather to make sure what machines work properly with this type of fabric.


Renovating furniture, such as armchairs or sofas is a big undertaking, especially if it involves replacing the upholstery. It is not easy but can be very rewarding. Sewing upholstery involves working with thick fabrics that may give your old sewing machine a hard time.

For upholstery, it will be best to purchase a heavy duty sewing machine. These machines are very solid and have a powerful motor that will be able to handle the thickest fabrics with ease. Heavy duty machines take slightly more space but they are a worthy investment. The speed with which they stitch is unbelievable compared to regular machines. You will be able to complete all of your other projects much faster.

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