Title: Here’s Why You Don’t Need Expensive Headphones

Headphones have become a huge business over the last few decades. This is because we no longer only listen to music in the comfort of our homes where headphone use is usually limited, but also because we now play our tunes on the go. Everywhere, every day when out and about you are bound to spot a jogger, a teenager, a commuter or maybe a housewife with headphones on, music blaring. But, which headphones should we buy? Well, it certainly doesn’t have to be the most expensive and here are five good reasons why!

It’s all in the hearing

The most important factor when it comes to buying headphones is the quality of sound. Most people, it has been found, like accurate, flat sounds rather than inaccurate ones that are described as coloured.

With speakers finding this flat sound is relatively easy as most are built that way and will suit every ear. Headphones, however, are a different ball game as your ear when you put them on becomes part of the sound system. This means that what sounds good to person X’s ear will not necessarily sound good to person Y’s.

Basically, it’s a little like when you choose how much treble or bass to apply to your music, it’s personal preference. This means the chances are that cheaper can be just as good if not better than more expensive.

Headphones aren’t fashion accessories

In this day and age, there is a big emphasis put on us that we have to look the best and have the best. What we buy is quite often linked to social status. Designer clothes, glasses and the latest model phone, we are judged on which brands we are buying.

The truth, however, is not always what it seems and the fact is that well known, expensive fashion brands are not always the best. What’s more, you are quite often paying a higher price for little more than the brand name. You can find a much cheaper although lesser known brand of headphone that is far better quality and you should.

Where and what are you listening to?

Most of the time as stated earlier people use headphones whilst on the go. This means that in general, we are using them in noisy environments such as offices, on transport, in the gym or whilst out running. Since Background noise is inevitable in these situations you do not need expensive headphones that may be of a slightly higher quality.

The same applies unless you are listening to very high-quality recordings, streams etcetera on your music player. Low-bitrate streams will sound no better on $200 headphones than they do on $30 ones. Just make sure you look for the best over the ear headphones.

Plus do you really want to run the risk of losing or in a worst case scenario having your expensive headphones stolen? Whilst nobody wants either to happen, the loss of cheaper is far better than the loss of more expensive.

Features you’ll never use

  1. Many of the more expensive sets of headphones come with features such as Bluetooth connections, multi-drivers (to reproduce sound) and noise cancelling features that filter out background noise.
  2. The thing is though you’ll probably never use them! So plain and simply put, why pay more money for features you’re going to ignore when you can buy simpler headphones you’ll enjoy for far less money?
  3. The high-end expense is only really valid for high-end use
  4. The majority of high-end headphones are aimed at, marketed for professionals, so unless you are a religious audiophile or studio professional they just aren’t going to be worth the expense.
  5. These kinds of headphones also only really work best when they are paired with extremely high-quality equipment. In general, your mobile phone or the home stereo system will not fall under this category.

Since the majority of people who buy headphones buy them to pair with mobile devices on the go meaning they are just simply wanting to listen to music whilst doing other things it really does not make sense to invest a lot of money into them. Team this with big brands often charging simply for a name and it really does give good reason to be more conservative and realise you just don’t need expensive headphones.

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