Best rare instruments to enter the music world

The world is full of people who know how to play the guitar, the piano, or the flute. These musical instruments have always been popular and are a staple of music education for their inherent qualities that make them easy to learn and a valuable asset to have as a skilled musician. However, there is a whole universe of musical instruments that exist for us to experiment with, and barely anyone moves too far away from the classics. There is much to be learned from these essential instruments, but people cannot neglect forever the value of knowing how to play an odd instrument. Here we list a couple of instruments that fly under most people’s radars yet are definitely worth trying to master.


Straight from the Pacific islands comes the ukelele, one of the most unpopular instruments among classical musicians. Learned virtuosos of more complex instruments like the piano will tell you that this small string instrument is not worth learning and that its simplicity hides no real potential. They, of course, would be wrong, since the four string arrangement is not unique to the ukelele and it is also present in similar instruments around the world that have been used in universally known songs. Check out at your local music store what the best beginner ukulele could be for you

Electronic drums

Drums are complex in their own right, so electronic drums takes things to a whole new level. For some reason, this type of drum set is regarded as something of lower musical value than the traditional drum set we all know. However, this percpetion could not be farther from the truth. The digital quality of these drums just elevates the potential complexity of the instrument, and letting yourself be fooled by how simple it looks is just naive in this day and age. An electronic drum set, in fact, can be fairly expensive and take a lot of time to master.


The accordion is another stigmatized instrument that gets a bad reputation only for being linked to folklore music of different countries. It is actually very strange that people fail to acknowledge the high level of skill it takes to learn how to play the accordion, but like we said, it is often taken for granted as the musical instrument used for popular folk music and nothing beyond that. Needless to say, it is more than worth learning and it can be a very challenging yet rewarding experience.


The oboe is perhaps the only item in this list that is featured for the complete opposite reason than the rest. Contrary to other entries of this list, most musicians discourage pursuing a musical career as an oboist due to how hard it can be to master the instrument. It takes quite some time to learn how to generate proper sounds using an oboe, and playing it is a rather admirable campaign against frustration and resistance. Of course, all hard work bears fruit, and the oboe is one of the most sought-after instruments in orchestras and classical music ensembles due to its rich sound and unique contribution to songs and musical pieces.

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