Best Body Sprays For Men

While a resonant cologne gives a man confidence and power, body sprays perform a versatile job. Whether you want a perfume intesifier and choose a matching body spray or want a functional and cheaper alternative to expensive perfumes, body sprays are designed to fulfill such needs.

Settling on a brand or a scent can be puzzling, however. It’s difficult to predict whether the body spray interacts well with your skin or whether it has any sort of durability. In this manner, this article enlists a set of factors to guide you towards a suitable product, and a top of our favorite body spray picks to help you out in the process.

What factors should you consider before buying a body spray?

  • scent
    Deciding what scent flavor appeals to you is mandatory for the liking of the spray. Floral and fresh odors are suitable for daily wear since they are not that overpowering. On the other hand, wood scents provide a more powerful flavor, however, without intruding the senses, and are more masculine. In contrast, oriental notes are usually very strong and difficult to wear casually in the daytime.
  • intensity
    Men’s body sprays and perfumes generally provide more aroma strength to build up your masculinity. However, you should be careful at picking the scents you wear in daylight, where friendlier, more casual notes are usually preferable.
  • price
    While body sprays are a great deal more affordable than a bottle of Eau de Parfum, the prices vary a lot between brands. If you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks, a tip would be to match your body spray with the cologne you’re using so that the scents interact well on your body.

5 Best Men’s Body Sprays

1. Calvin Klein Eternity Men’s Body Spray ($)

Calvin Klein’s Eternity body spray matches the eponymous cologne for a robust intensification of the flavor. The spray provides a friendly, not-overpowering fresh scent suitable for casual wear.

2. Playboy Vegas Body Spray ($)

Playboy gathers in this body spray a mix of rich casual scents that interact harmoniously on your skin. Musk, basil, and apple are just a few of the notes that join on your skin to create a masculine, powerful scent.

3. AXE Body Spray For Men ($$)

AXE has recently developed into a resolute brand that caters to body sprays for every generation and taste. The brand puts forward a wide array of sprays to choose from and use either to refresh your body after gym or to maximize the scent of your cologne. You decide!

4. TOM FORD Oud Wood Men’s Body Spray ($$$)

The exotic mix of pepper, rosewood, and cardamon challenges your inner masculinity. Match the spray with the eponymous perfume and create a dominant, powerful outlook of yourself. While this body spray is certainly a steep investment, compared to our other picks, the composition surpasses our expectations of scent delivery and longevity.

5. Dior Sauvage Body Spray ($$)

Dior’s Sauvage is a blatantly masculine perfume, which, once united with the body spray, results in a flaunting scent resonance. While the cologne is the dominant player in the interaction, the body spray imposes itself with subtlety and a note of delicacy that tempers the overpowering masculine perfume.

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