What sewing machine to use for your project

Depending on the model, sewing machines can be very versatile but it is nearly impossible to find an all-in-one type of sewing machine. While a simple sewing machine is enough for a beginner, it will eventually stop being so. As you get more experienced, you will find yourself wanting to do different, sometimes more complicated projects than what all beginners do. And then you will often find out that your regular sewing machine is not up to the challenge.

Not everyone is aware of it but sewing machines actually come in many different types. Finding the right one for what you need to do can be tricky. In this guide, we have explained what type of machine you need for some of the most common projects.


Embroidery is a form of needlework and it refers specifically to applying decorative designs onto fabric. These designs are often very intricate. Embroidery is a popular form of putting a final touch to the projects, similar to how you would monogram a fabric. Embroidery is a great way of making even the simplest projects unique.

For embroidery, you will actually need to purchase an embroidery machine which is something separate from a sewing machine. They are machines solely for doing embroidery. They often cost slightly more than simple sewing machines because they need to be able to do very delicate work. Some of the higher-end sewing machines come with an embroidery attachment but they are rarely as good as the best embroidery machine available.

Leather accessories

Working with leather will allow you to create timeless designs with your own unique touch. You can use leather to create a belt, a purse, a jacket, or even car seats. You can enjoy items similar to top designer pieces for fraction of the cost. What makes leather items sold in stores is not the price of the fabric itself but rather the cost of labor.

However, leather is notoriously difficult to work with due to its density. Cheapest sewing machines may not cut it. The most important factor is the sturdiness of the machine itself – if it is made of metal rather than plastic, chances are it will be able to handle leather. Check out this list of sewing machines for leather to make sure what machines work properly with this type of fabric.


Renovating furniture, such as armchairs or sofas is a big undertaking, especially if it involves replacing the upholstery. It is not easy but can be very rewarding. Sewing upholstery involves working with thick fabrics that may give your old sewing machine a hard time.

For upholstery, it will be best to purchase a heavy duty sewing machine. These machines are very solid and have a powerful motor that will be able to handle the thickest fabrics with ease. Heavy duty machines take slightly more space but they are a worthy investment. The speed with which they stitch is unbelievable compared to regular machines. You will be able to complete all of your other projects much faster.

Best Body Sprays For Men

While a resonant cologne gives a man confidence and power, body sprays perform a versatile job. Whether you want a perfume intesifier and choose a matching body spray or want a functional and cheaper alternative to expensive perfumes, body sprays are designed to fulfill such needs.

Settling on a brand or a scent can be puzzling, however. It’s difficult to predict whether the body spray interacts well with your skin or whether it has any sort of durability. In this manner, this article enlists a set of factors to guide you towards a suitable product, and a top of our favorite body spray picks to help you out in the process.

What factors should you consider before buying a body spray?

  • scent
    Deciding what scent flavor appeals to you is mandatory for the liking of the spray. Floral and fresh odors are suitable for daily wear since they are not that overpowering. On the other hand, wood scents provide a more powerful flavor, however, without intruding the senses, and are more masculine. In contrast, oriental notes are usually very strong and difficult to wear casually in the daytime.
  • intensity
    Men’s body sprays and perfumes generally provide more aroma strength to build up your masculinity. However, you should be careful at picking the scents you wear in daylight, where friendlier, more casual notes are usually preferable.
  • price
    While body sprays are a great deal more affordable than a bottle of Eau de Parfum, the prices vary a lot between brands. If you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks, a tip would be to match your body spray with the cologne you’re using so that the scents interact well on your body.

5 Best Men’s Body Sprays

1. Calvin Klein Eternity Men’s Body Spray ($)

Calvin Klein’s Eternity body spray matches the eponymous cologne for a robust intensification of the flavor. The spray provides a friendly, not-overpowering fresh scent suitable for casual wear.

2. Playboy Vegas Body Spray ($)

Playboy gathers in this body spray a mix of rich casual scents that interact harmoniously on your skin. Musk, basil, and apple are just a few of the notes that join on your skin to create a masculine, powerful scent.

3. AXE Body Spray For Men ($$)

AXE has recently developed into a resolute brand that caters to body sprays for every generation and taste. The brand puts forward a wide array of sprays to choose from and use either to refresh your body after gym or to maximize the scent of your cologne. You decide!

4. TOM FORD Oud Wood Men’s Body Spray ($$$)

The exotic mix of pepper, rosewood, and cardamon challenges your inner masculinity. Match the spray with the eponymous perfume and create a dominant, powerful outlook of yourself. While this body spray is certainly a steep investment, compared to our other picks, the composition surpasses our expectations of scent delivery and longevity.

5. Dior Sauvage Body Spray ($$)

Dior’s Sauvage is a blatantly masculine perfume, which, once united with the body spray, results in a flaunting scent resonance. While the cologne is the dominant player in the interaction, the body spray imposes itself with subtlety and a note of delicacy that tempers the overpowering masculine perfume.

Everything you need to know about teepee tents

The word teepee (tepee, tipi) originates from the Lakota language of the Sioux tribes (Native American Indians) – who settled in the plains of America and Canada. Teepee (tiphi in Lakota) means either a dwelling’ or they dwell’. The teepee is an ingenious, practical and portable conical tent which served as homes to the nomadic plain-dwelling native American Indians. Primarily, the teepee consists of a detachable cover, wooden poles, stakes with which the cover is pinned to the ground or heavy stones, liners (depending on the season of the year) and smoke flaps. These smoke flaps are the main distinguishing features of teepees when compared to other kinds of tents.


Some archaeologists suggest that teepee tents do date back to prehistoric times. However, some others propose that there are evidences which suggest that teepee tents have been in use since 10,000 BCE. Regardless of when they were first used, the Native American Indians were hunters and gatherers. They did hunt the buffalo (bison) for its meat, and its hide too. Originally, the covers and linings of teepee tents where made from buffalo hide. On average, a teepee tent needed the hide of 28 buffalos for it to be suitably covered. Resultantly, the Sioux tribes were nomads who followed the migrating buffalo. For this reason, the teepee was the ideal home for them because it was light enough to be transported from one location to another with relative ease by dogs, and horses later (17th century). Also, the Sioux tribe did dwell on plains which made accessibility to wood difficult therefore it was important that the tribe carried their own wood.

Interestingly, the teepee was considered by a few native American tribes to be a living being as well as a life giver. They liken it to women – who by design, can give birth to children. Also, they do regard it as the woman’s domain. It was the women in the tribe that did build the teepee for their families when they arrived at a new location. Usually the woman invited her husband to join her in her teepee, however, males and females did sleep in different teepees based on their sexes.

Traditionally, these tribes believe that the conical shape of the teepee at the point where its poles intersect, creates a vortex which reaches up to heavens and the stars. There it taps into positive energies which descend into the teepees to enable both healings and happiness, within the families who lived in them. For these tribes, hides were seen as protectors, and brave because they weathered the storm like buffalos. To them, the circular shape of the teepee tent was symbolic of the connectivity between the elements of the universe. Even the trees used for teepees were considered as relatives which protected the people from the external elements (weather).

During the summers, the covers of the teepees were raised from the ground to enable cool air flow into the tent. However, in the winter months additional layers were added to the covers. Also, fires were created with none crackling wood (cotton wood, aspen) in the middle of the tents to provide warmth. Around the 17th century when horses were introduced into Mexico, these tribes began to build teepee tents with greater dimensions which made them more durable. These were now transported by horses. Also, the buffalo hides around the time, began to be replaced by canvas and cloth.

Summarily, teepee tents did meet (it still does) both the spiritual and physical needs of a few native American tribes. It was a space for family, community and spirituality.


Building a teepee tent starts with tying three sapling poles that have already been peeled, polished and dried together at one end, and then creating a tripod with them. Once the tripod is upright, other poles are then added to the structure to give it a cone-like shape. Next the covers are added with a hole at the top of the structure, which can be covered or uncovered with smoke flaps attached to poles. The smoke flaps do aid ventilation within the teepee.

When the hole at the top is closed in opposition to the wind, and the other side of the hole away from the wind is left open, it creates a draft within the teepee which serves as a chimney, as well as a ventilator. Therefore, the teepee is always built away from the direction of the wind. The natives did build their teepee facing eastwards, in the direction of the rising sun. A reason for this is the fact that winds rarely, if ever, blow from the east. Overall teepee tents are more durable, and sturdier structure than the average tent.

If you’re looking a good teepee tent, you might want to check out allcampingtents.com – happy camping!

Best rare instruments to enter the music world

The world is full of people who know how to play the guitar, the piano, or the flute. These musical instruments have always been popular and are a staple of music education for their inherent qualities that make them easy to learn and a valuable asset to have as a skilled musician. However, there is a whole universe of musical instruments that exist for us to experiment with, and barely anyone moves too far away from the classics. There is much to be learned from these essential instruments, but people cannot neglect forever the value of knowing how to play an odd instrument. Here we list a couple of instruments that fly under most people’s radars yet are definitely worth trying to master.


Straight from the Pacific islands comes the ukelele, one of the most unpopular instruments among classical musicians. Learned virtuosos of more complex instruments like the piano will tell you that this small string instrument is not worth learning and that its simplicity hides no real potential. They, of course, would be wrong, since the four string arrangement is not unique to the ukelele and it is also present in similar instruments around the world that have been used in universally known songs. Check out at your local music store what the best beginner ukulele could be for you

Electronic drums

Drums are complex in their own right, so electronic drums takes things to a whole new level. For some reason, this type of drum set is regarded as something of lower musical value than the traditional drum set we all know. However, this percpetion could not be farther from the truth. The digital quality of these drums just elevates the potential complexity of the instrument, and letting yourself be fooled by how simple it looks is just naive in this day and age. An electronic drum set, in fact, can be fairly expensive and take a lot of time to master.


The accordion is another stigmatized instrument that gets a bad reputation only for being linked to folklore music of different countries. It is actually very strange that people fail to acknowledge the high level of skill it takes to learn how to play the accordion, but like we said, it is often taken for granted as the musical instrument used for popular folk music and nothing beyond that. Needless to say, it is more than worth learning and it can be a very challenging yet rewarding experience.


The oboe is perhaps the only item in this list that is featured for the complete opposite reason than the rest. Contrary to other entries of this list, most musicians discourage pursuing a musical career as an oboist due to how hard it can be to master the instrument. It takes quite some time to learn how to generate proper sounds using an oboe, and playing it is a rather admirable campaign against frustration and resistance. Of course, all hard work bears fruit, and the oboe is one of the most sought-after instruments in orchestras and classical music ensembles due to its rich sound and unique contribution to songs and musical pieces.

4 things you need to know before installing an above ground pool

Installing a pool at your house is one of the biggest decisions you will make as a homeowner if you ever choose to go through with it. However, not all places allow you to build inground pools, and even building an above ground pool can be a headache due to it not being the common option. In spite of that, an above ground pool is a great idea and a perfect solution for those who want to take a swim but can’t build or afford the cost of a regular inground pool. Before you decide on an above ground pool, here are 4 important things you need to know.

Check your local regulation

Permits for bulding pools can widely vary depending on where you live. It is essential that you do your homework before picturing yourself sipping a cold drink in your pool a couple of weeks from now. Permits are probably necessary for either an inground or above ground pool, though how simple it is to get them will also depend on your location. It’s not impossible or terribly difficult, but sometimes there are limitations you need to consider before breaking ground.

Look for a reasonable budget

Pools are relatively common, yet the work required to install them is specialized enough that getting a contractor is often the best way to go about it. Of course, this means that there is room for speculation, like with any specialized industry. Before settling on a company to help you put up your above ground pool, weigh your options and meet with different pool specialists to see how their budget estimates compare. You will be able to make a more informed choice that way.

Be mindful of the maintenance

Consider that, just like with your house, a new pool will eventually need maintenance. There is no evading this responsibility, and due to their inherent qualities, above ground pools are prone to needing maintenance more often. It is somewhat costly both time and money-wise, but it is also rewarding in a way that you will always be able to enjoy your pool and won’t need to make any drastic single expenses to do some emergency treatment to the water. These pools tend to last around a decade, but with regular maintenance of all of their parts, they could easily give you nearly 20 years of use before needing some major work.

Get equipment to keep the fun going

You need to be clear of something: either you hire someone to do regular maintenance of your pool or you do it yourself. You can do 50/50 and let the professionals handle some stuff and you can take care of the rest. To make your life easier, it is advised that you get a pool pump with variable speed, so you can control the water flux of the pool both while using it and while it’s not in use. You can save money in terms of water expenditure per se, plus all that comes with an excess of it like a quicker decay of the general structure of the pool, a more variable ph level that needs more maintenance and chemicals, etc.

5 things every driver should have in their car or garage

Driving a car is not all about being able to go quickly from one place to another or taking the highway at high speed every once in a while. A shocking amount of people drive a car without taking the most basic precautions that one should take when sitting behind the wheel. Owning or regularly driving a vehicle is a matter of responsibility and the maintenance of said vehicle should be a top priority for you, both for your safety and others’. Below, we go into detail about 5 things every driver should keep handy either in their car or in their garage. Let’s take a look.

Tire jack

Even if it is for general culture’s sake, everyone should learn how to change a tire. An essential piece of equipment to do this is a tire jack, which, if you don’t know anything about cars, you may know as the thing that helps you lift or “jack up” a car. It’s not terribly difficult to operate, but it is indeed necessary to change a tire because you cannot possibly do it without lifting the affected tire so it’s not touching the ground.


Tools are essential for any mechanical issue that you or a mechanic might want to check on your car if it starts to act up all of the sudden. A toolbox for vehicles will often include various wrenches, screwdrivers, adaptable extensions, and pieces of different sizes that can fit and disassemble parts of your car in every imaginable nook and cranny. It’s best to carry it with you and not needing it than needing it and not having it with you.

Gas can

Running out of gas is something that hopefully won’t ever happen to you, but in the hypothetical scenario that it does happen, you need to be able to go get gas for your car and a recipient to bring it along with you. Getting the best gas can available to you is paramount, for it is something designed to store flammable substances and it needs to be stored and transported as safely as possible. Some people recommend keeping it in your garage instead of your car, but you can attach it to your spare tire to avoid any unintentional spills.

Jumper cables

Battery malfunction is among the most common problems for car owners, and a dead battery is a seemingly complicated problem that can be solved fairly easily with a good pair of jumper cables. A good Samaritan at the parking lot or on the road your battery died can help you revive your battery with power from their car in less than 5 minutes, but you need to have the cables with you in the first place!

Warning triangle

Finally, the warning triangle is a piece of equipment we all know as a standard piece of road safety equipment, yet not many of us keep one handy on our cars nowadays. It’s technically regulation that every car should carry a warning triangle on board at all times in case of any road accident, but in any case, if you don’t have one, go get one now. It’s a small effort to prevent a worse accident in the long run.

Title: Here’s Why You Don’t Need Expensive Headphones

Headphones have become a huge business over the last few decades. This is because we no longer only listen to music in the comfort of our homes where headphone use is usually limited, but also because we now play our tunes on the go. Everywhere, every day when out and about you are bound to spot a jogger, a teenager, a commuter or maybe a housewife with headphones on, music blaring. But, which headphones should we buy? Well, it certainly doesn’t have to be the most expensive and here are five good reasons why!

It’s all in the hearing

The most important factor when it comes to buying headphones is the quality of sound. Most people, it has been found, like accurate, flat sounds rather than inaccurate ones that are described as coloured.

With speakers finding this flat sound is relatively easy as most are built that way and will suit every ear. Headphones, however, are a different ball game as your ear when you put them on becomes part of the sound system. This means that what sounds good to person X’s ear will not necessarily sound good to person Y’s.

Basically, it’s a little like when you choose how much treble or bass to apply to your music, it’s personal preference. This means the chances are that cheaper can be just as good if not better than more expensive.

Headphones aren’t fashion accessories

In this day and age, there is a big emphasis put on us that we have to look the best and have the best. What we buy is quite often linked to social status. Designer clothes, glasses and the latest model phone, we are judged on which brands we are buying.

The truth, however, is not always what it seems and the fact is that well known, expensive fashion brands are not always the best. What’s more, you are quite often paying a higher price for little more than the brand name. You can find a much cheaper although lesser known brand of headphone that is far better quality and you should.

Where and what are you listening to?

Most of the time as stated earlier people use headphones whilst on the go. This means that in general, we are using them in noisy environments such as offices, on transport, in the gym or whilst out running. Since Background noise is inevitable in these situations you do not need expensive headphones that may be of a slightly higher quality.

The same applies unless you are listening to very high-quality recordings, streams etcetera on your music player. Low-bitrate streams will sound no better on $200 headphones than they do on $30 ones. Just make sure you look for the best over the ear headphones.

Plus do you really want to run the risk of losing or in a worst case scenario having your expensive headphones stolen? Whilst nobody wants either to happen, the loss of cheaper is far better than the loss of more expensive.

Features you’ll never use

  1. Many of the more expensive sets of headphones come with features such as Bluetooth connections, multi-drivers (to reproduce sound) and noise cancelling features that filter out background noise.
  2. The thing is though you’ll probably never use them! So plain and simply put, why pay more money for features you’re going to ignore when you can buy simpler headphones you’ll enjoy for far less money?
  3. The high-end expense is only really valid for high-end use
  4. The majority of high-end headphones are aimed at, marketed for professionals, so unless you are a religious audiophile or studio professional they just aren’t going to be worth the expense.
  5. These kinds of headphones also only really work best when they are paired with extremely high-quality equipment. In general, your mobile phone or the home stereo system will not fall under this category.

Since the majority of people who buy headphones buy them to pair with mobile devices on the go meaning they are just simply wanting to listen to music whilst doing other things it really does not make sense to invest a lot of money into them. Team this with big brands often charging simply for a name and it really does give good reason to be more conservative and realise you just don’t need expensive headphones.

The Capital of Shaanxi – Xi’an

Xi’an is a sub-provincial city and the capital of the Shaanxi province located in the People’s Republic of China. It is one of the four oldest cities in the country of China and is considered to be one of the four great ancient capitals of China. Xi’an is at the eastern end of the Silk Road and its name means “Western Palace”. This name is not the original name of the city and it has been known by a variety of names over the years. During the Zhou Dynasty is was known as “Fenghao”. during the Han Dynasty it was known as “Chang’an” and during the Sui Dynasty it was known as “Daxing”. Then during the Tang Dynasty it was renamed as “Chang’an”. It would retain this name for many years before being named Xi’an during the Ming Dynasty.

With the beginning of the Zhou Dynasty, Xi’an became the political and cultural center of China in the eleventh century. It was situated west of the dual capitals of Feng and Hao. The Zhou Dynasty would then go on to place its capital in the city of Xianyang after the Warring States Period. Qin Shi Huang, the first official emperor of China, would then go on to order construction of the Terracotta Army and the mausoleum just east of Xi’an. During the second century, Liu Bang established the capital in Chang’an County and erected the Changle Palace just across the river. This is considered by many historians to be the official founding date of Xi’an. A couple years later Weiyang Palace was constructed just north of Xi’an. A city wall was also begun during this period and the project took over four years to complete. The completed wall measured twenty five kilometers in length and had a thickness of fourteen meters.

After centuries of civil rest, China would once again be united in 582 during the Sui Dynasty. The emperor commanded that a new capital be built to the southeast of Han. The capital was called Daxing and was composed of three distinct sections. The sections included the Imperial City, a civilian quarter and Xi’an Palace. The city was renamed in the Tang Dynasty as Chang’an. The name was then reverted back to Xi’an.

Today, one of the chief economic activities of Xi’an is software development. In fact, the city is one of the main pioneers of the software industry in China with a export value worth over forty-two billion U.S dollars. Another industry that has a record of robust growth in the city is service outsourcing, especially in the business sector. Over the past few years Xi’an has also had very dramatic growth in the tourism industry. This is due to the beauty and cultural richness of the city and its many unique tourist attractions. That city has distinguished itself as one of the most popular tourist locations in all of China.

The most popular, and intriguing attraction in the city of Xi’an is the The Terracotta Army Museum. This museum lies about a mile east of The Tomb of Qin Shihuang. Qin Shihuang was China’s first emperor and he commanded the creation of this incredible model army. Here lies a complete army made completely of terracotta. There are archers, longbowmen, offices and generals. Each one of them originally had their own unique weapon. This army was buried for more then two millenia. They were discovered in 1974 when farmers accidently discovered the first vault. Over the next couple of years the other two vaults were discovered.

Terracotta Army Pit One is six hundred and thirty feet long and one hundred and eighty-six feet wide. It contains over six thousand terracotta soldiers and horses face east. Terracotta Army Pit Two contains four units, each one measuring two hundred and eighty two feet long and two hundred and fifty-two feet wide. The first row contains archers, the second row contains chariots, the third unit is composed of both infantry and chariot units, and the fourth is composed of infantry.

The Exhibition Hall of Qinling Bronze Carriage is another fascinating attraction. Inside are two bronze carriages that were found sixty feet from the Tomb of Qin Shihuang. They are about ten feet long and three feet high. Even though they are mainly composed of bronze, each one contains about seventeen hundred pieces of gold and ornamentation.

Another prominent attraction in the city is Shanxi Provincial Museum. This building covers an area of two hundred and ten thousand feet and is home to over thirty-seven thousand historical artifacts recovered from excavations from all over the Shaanxi Province. Things in the collection include bronzeware, terracotta figures, murals and gold crafted items. The museum is divided into three sections, the General Exhibition Hall, the Local Themes Exhibition Hall and the Temporary Exhibition Hall. The Basic Exhibition Hall covers eighteen thousand square feet and contains over two thousand items. The Theme Exhibition Hall contains over five thousand pieces of porcelain from the Tang and Yuang Dynasties. The Temporary Exhibition Hall, as the name implies, contains works that are at the museum on a temporary basis.

Xi’an Banpo Museum is yet another attraction not to be missed. This site is a Neolithic Matriarchal community of the Yangshao culture and is over six thousand years old. The site occupies fifty thousand kilometers and is divided into three parts, a residential section, pottery making section and cemetery. The ruins contain about forty-six houses, two animal pens, two hundred storage pits, one hundred and seventy-four tombs and six kilns. Also on the site are many tools that were used by the people who lived in the area.

Also located in the city are various restaurants, hotels and cafes. It also contains a lot more tourist attractions which include the Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Drum Tower, Hukou Waterfall, Famen Temple, Huaqing Hot Springs, Fule International Ceramic Art Museums, Gao Courtyard Including Shadow Play, Forest of Stele Museum, Great Mosque, Huajue Xiang and Qianling Tomb.